Here comes
Create and pick
your units mix
Test a million
Explore within
the results
Export your plans
and cost assumptions

Create your own projects in a few minutes

This swarm algorithmic-based artificial intelligence tool allows you to design with real-time visualization. It aims to maximize the available buildable area without giving up an astonishing and high-quality architecture.


CAD compatible software as a service

Activate the automatic drawing mode for CAD exportation

Nidus combines advanced algorithms with parametric generative design to obtain exportable optimized results to 2D and 3D CAD. Just a click away from getting every layout for your architectural project.

Live real time edition

Nidus allows you to set and modify constraints and geometric parameters, both normative and strategic, displayed live in 3D. It skims sunk costs while performing endless approaches to various scenarios from free forms.


Test a million layouts

Nidus facilitates decision-making in very early phases by combining all the parameters in an infinite catalog of solutions that, through a scoring system – also customizable-, rewards those considered optimal, without neglecting the possibility of exploring all the results obtained.

Cost assumptions

Feed your business plans and anticipate fund needs

Nidus translates all the design results into economic and financial inputs, immediately obtaining relevant data such as the construction costs, soft costs, ratios, funding needs…


Nidus becomes your essential tool to check the potential of a plot and mitigate the uncertainties of the real estate investment business plan, especially in the earliest phases of the decision to land purchase.

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